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I am currently in the process of turning the doblet project into a public open source project, using the philosophy of release early, release often.
This will take some time though, so please be patient, and dont mind the mess this homepage currently is.

July 8, 2001
After a half year finally some more news. The half year has been so quiet because all my spare time has been consumed with my new CTO job (next to my normal job). The dapplet demonstration site has been unreachable, since my cable modem provider has provided me with a new IP number. All links have been fixed, and the demo should work again now.

November 11, 2000
I released the second release: 0.0.2. The biggest new addition is the Dapplet (= Doblet-applet or Distributed-applet), which provides easy but powerful integration of doblets within webpages. Try a live demonstration on this website Live Dapplet demonstration

October 17, 2000
I finally released my very first public release of doblets. It still needs so much work, but it works, and quite effective and simple. So download it and give it a try. I hope you understand how to use it. I will start working on a simple manual as soon as possible.


I have created two different formats: a gnu-zipped tar file (.tgz) for the UNIX crowd and a ordinary Zip file for the windows crowd. Both archive-files contain exactly the same files, so choose whatever you like.


I have been working quite some (spare) time on doblets now, and (re)thinking about it even longer. I currently have java prototypes working of the following modules (all based on the same messaging core):

  • a standalone doblet server
  • a standalone doblet browser
  • an integrated doblet server and browser
  • an doblet browser in an java-applet, to be used from any webpage (no installation required).
  • two very simple demonstration doblets: a dice, and a chat window
I have tested the software on win98 (both the sun JVM and the microsoft JVM), winnt (only sun), and linux (blackdown JVM). I am now in the process of finnishing up some of these modules, and repackaging them for better concurrent development and pre-alpha distribution. The latest status on the development can be found on sourceforge.


I have tried to write down some of my ideas and motivations as clearly as possible. You be the judge, if I even remotely succeeded in this. To make it worse, some documents are only half done. I hope they still will be usefull for getting an idea what the doblet project is trying to achieve (and how technically). Please give me some feedback on if (any of) these documents were useful and understandable at all. Such feedback will help me in deciding which documents are needed, and on which levels they need improvement.

  • why i started doblets Not totally finnished but gives a nice idea, what got me started on this idea 3 years ago.
  • Doblet Vision Gives a more complete idea what kind of environment doblets tries to achieve.
  • Doblet Interfaces Describes the technical java interfaces used for the hub-spoke messaging infrastructure. Not totally up to date, but gives a nice idea though.
And some even older documents
  • Doblets for Dummies A bad pun on a popular book series.
  • Asynchronous interfaces Describes some java classes I dont use any more, but that are still nice for asynchronous function calls (and doblets are heavily asynchronous).
  • SYIMP and SYUMP Two messaging protocols, i designed, but the current implementation doesnt use these, and I think this needs mayor redesign.


Any feedback will be appreciated. Please send an email to Mark Hooijkaas, even if it is just to say hi, and that you visited the site.

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